The leading man's best friend


Mike STOUDT is ...

your friendly, next-door-neighbor with the best dog and wife most likely to throw the party. It's not that he's actually your neighbor, but he could be. The only difference is that he's been in TV shows like "Sleepy Hollow" on Fox, "Halt and Catch Fire" on AMC, "Reckless" on CBS, to name a few. And true to the "leading man's best friend" vibe, got to play friend to Jeremy Renner in "Kill the Messenger." You'll hear him as a DJ in "American Animals"; and see him most recently as a reporter in the movie, "The Hate U Give", based on the award-winning novel.

With many national and regional clients, you've probably seen or heard him in a commercial or two … maybe he even helped you DIY the home project you looked up on a web tutorial. Some of his clients include: The Talking Dead (promos), Troy University, Warby Parker, Monroe Shocks, The Home Depot, Kelley Blue Book...

With over 20 years experience, Mike brings words to life as an actor and voiceover artist. He's "the guy who will always answer the call to toss around a football", an "under the radar hometown hero", the "sheepdog protecting the flock".

Mike lives in Atlanta, Georgia with his better half, Heidi Rew and their dog, Guinness. When not doing a DIY project, riding in their Jeep Wrangler, or working at their studio - the Atlanta Voiceover Studio - you'll find them helping their favorite charities: SERV International and City of Refuge.